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Germantown, WI 53022-4645
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JBJ Construction

You have come to the right place for your construction needs.

Whether you are looking for a Construction Manager or General Contractor, J.B.J. Construction can help you get the job done. J.B.J. Construction, since it's inception in 1959, has been family owned and operated.

You will see our field of expertise is very wide in that we are able to build as a general contractor or a construction manager anything from a church, to a bank, to an apartment, to an industrial building, to an office complex.

Our fundamentals of construction are very similar no matter what type of project. You always start with footings and floors and work your way up to the roof. The difference in jobs is what is in between the floor and the roof. The difference is clarified with drawings and communication with the people we are working for. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!

Our successful reputation as a construction manager/general contractor has been derived from 5 areas:

1. Quality Control
2. Cost Control
3. Meeting Deadlines
4. Relationships with Subcontractors
5. Communication with Everyone (Especially the Owners)

One other strength of our company is our ability to solve problems. The job must move on! There is no doubt whenever construction occurs, problems arise. We respond quickly to those problems factoring all aspects such as weather, time schedules, costs and even future problems. Communication takes place and problems are resolved.

For more information please call
Brian Bence or Scott Bence
at 262-255-1800.

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